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Recent Editorial:

Alert Diver (DAN)1994, DAN Product Catalog
Nov/Dec 1994, Cover and inside illustration
Mar/Apr 1995, Inside illustration, DAN Doppler
Nov/Dec 1995, Inside illustration
1995, DAN Sponsor Phone Card
1995, Truk Lagoon Trip Brochure
May/Jun 1996, Cover
Jul/Aug 1996, Inside illustration, Medications
Sep/Oct 1996, Cover, San Salvador under/over
Mar/Apr 1997, Inside illustration, Scuba Disease
May/Jun 1997, Inside illustration, Breathing
Sep/Oct 97, Inside illustrations
Nov 1997, Best of DAN, Cover
Nov/Dec 1997, Inside illustrations, Rescue
Jan/Feb 1998, Inside illustrations
Mar/Apr 1998, Inside illustration
May/Jun 1998, Cover, inside illustrations
July/Aug 1998, Inside illustrations
Jan/Feb 1999, Cover, inside illustration
Feb 1999 Inside illustration, Brochure
Mar/Apr 1999, Inside illustrations
Sep/Oct 1999, Inside illustrations
Nov/Dec 1999, Cover, inside illustration
May/Jun 04, Inside illustrations, Technical Diving/Deep Stops
American Eagle Lat SouthWinter 1995 In-flight magazine, Inside illustration
American Hawaii CruisesJan 1998, Travel Agent Newsletter
American PhotoNov/Dec 1994, Contest award, Style & Glamour
American Society of
Media Photographers(ASMP)Jan/Feb 1999, Cover
Aqua MagazineApr/May 1998, Back cover advertising
Jan 1999, Back cover advertising
Boating LifeFall 1997, Table of Contents, Feature Story pp 56-61
Jan/Feb 1998, Table of Contents, Feature Story pp38
Mar/Apr 1998, Inside illustrations
Jul 04, Inside illustrations
Bravo Sport/GermanySummer 95, Inside illustration
Builder MagazineApr 04, Inside Illustrations, Feature, Outer Banks Builder
California Lawyer9/95, Cover
Caribbean For Two1995, Inside illustration, Love Potions
Caribbean Travel & LifeMar/Apr 1994, Inside illustration, Grand Cayman
May/Jun 1994, Inside illustration, Puerto Rico and Bahamas
Sep/Oct 1994, Inside illustration, 10 Best Bars
Sep/Oct 1995, Inside illustration
Jul/Aug 1997, Feature Article, Barbados, 18pgs
Nov/Dec 1997, Cover, Inside illustrations
Feb/Mar 1998, Two page spread
Oct 1998, Feature Article, St. Bart's, 12 pgs
Jan 1999, Inside illustration
Sep 1999, Inside illustrations
Dec 1999, Inside illustration
Jan 2000, Inside illustration
Mar 2000, Inside illustrations, Cozumel Beaches
Apr 2002, Inside illustrations, Bermuda
Jan 2003, Inside illustration
Contemp Long Term CareSep 1996, Inside illustration, shark/cover story
Currents (Carnival Cruise)Summer 95, Inside illustration, Kids of the Caribbean
Chief Executive MagazineApr/May 04, Inside Illustrations, Feature, Executive Health Clinics
Delta AirlinesDec 1997, Newsletter
Dec 1997, Website
Discovery OnlineApr 1997, "Wild Discovery" Web Page
Dive TrainingSep 1999, PR for Dive Provo
Dive TravelVol. IX.3, Inside illustrations, BVI feature and others
Vol. IX.5, Inside illustrations, Shark feature
Electronic Entertainment11/94, Inside illustration
Elegant BrideSpring 1998, Inside illustrations
Summer 1998, Inside illustration
Fall 1999, Inside illustrations
Winter 1999, Inside illustrations
Endless VacationFall 1998, Inside illustration
ESPN Total Sports7/95, Premiere issue, inside illustration
1996, Pro Football Issue
Fathoms2003 Digital story
Georgia Trend1995, Summer Vacation Planner
Hospital & Health Networks1995, Inside illustration
HoneymoonSpring 1997, Cover
Summer 1997, Cover
New Diver Magazine8/98, Premier Issue, inside illustration
Spring 99, Inside illustration
Newsweek1/30/95, Inside illustration, Special Cruising Section
Nikon WorldSpring 1995, Artist profile
Outside5/93, Inside illustration, Dr. Bill Stone
1995 Winter Travel Guide, Inside illustration
1999 Annual Travel Guide, Inside illustration
Photo District News11/93, EarthWater Stock Photography Profile
Photo Electronic Imaging11/93, EarthWater Stock Photography Profile
Photo Imagen (Spanish)7/94, EarthWater Stock Photography Profile
Platinum6/94, Inside illustration, Refreshments/drinks
Port Folio1/10/95, Inside illustration, French Polynesia
06/5/95, Inside illustration, Jimmy Johnson
Reader's Digest3/98, Inside illustration, IRS vs. US
Rodale's Fitness Swimmer10/95, Inside illustrations
12/95, Inside illustrations
4/96, Inside illustrations, Swimmer, Cayman
Fall 1996, Inside illustrations, Goggle Guide
Fall 1997, Inside illustration
Rodale's Men's Health10/95, Inside illustrations
Rodale's Men's Health-UK10/97, Inside illustrations, Shark
Scholastic Math5/95, Cover
Scuba Diving1993, Covers and inside illustrations of 5 issues
1994, Covers/features/inside illustrations; 7 issues
1/95, Inside illustrations, Bonaire/Top 100 Awards
3/95, Inside illustrations, Several sections
5/95, Inside illustrations, Several sections
6/95, Cover, inside features, French Polynesia, Jimmy Johnson story and others
7/95, Cover, inside features, French Polynesia (Part II), Annie Leibovitz and others
8/95, Inside feature, Sharks
11/95, Inside illustrations, Reader's Choice Awards
3/96, Inside illustrations, Bahamas, Bimini
4/96, Inside illustrations, Grand Cayman
5/96, Inside illustrations, Panic, Travel Awards
6/96, Inside illustrations
7/96, Inside illustrations, Aldabra Atoll
4/97, Inside illustrations, Table of Contents
5/97, Inside illustrations, tank, masks (studio)
6/97, Cover, inside illustrations
8/97, Inside illustrations, Turks and Caicos
10/97, Inside illustrations, Fiji
12/97, Inside illustration, Table of Contents
3/98, Inside illustration, Red Sea
10/98, Inside illustration, 2 Pg. Spread
Jan/Feb 04, Inside illustration
3/04, Inside illustration
Mar 04, Inside illustrations, Talk
Apr 04, Inside illustrations, Various sections
Jun 04, Inside illustrations, Talk and Great Dive sections
Jul 04, Inside illustrations, Travel-Florida Keys
Sep 04, Inside illustrations, Travel-Micronesia
Nov 04, Inside illustrations, Going Deep, Diver Gauge
Scuba Times8/93, Inside illustration
10/93, Inside illustrations, sharks and Freeport story
12/94, Cover and portfolio, pages 37-39
6/96, Inside advertising; Citizen Watch/JC Penny
Seychelles Airlines Inflight11/93, Inside illustrations, Aldabra expedition
Skin Diver1996-1998, Inside, covers, advertising
9/99, Inside illustrations, "No Stings"
Sport Diver1994, Advertising and inside illustrations
May/June 95, Inside illustration, Decompression
Aug 95, Inside illustration, Divers suit up
Oct 95, Inside illustrations, Several Features
Dec 95, Inside illustrations, Shark Feeding series
Mar/Apr 96, Inside illustrations, Nassau
Dec 96, Back cover, Advertising
Apr 97, Inside illustration, U-352, Morehead
Jul/Aug, Inside illustrations, Aquarium Diving story
Sep/Oct 97, Cover
Nov/Dec 97, Article U/W Modeling, Back cover ad
Jan 98, Inside, Advertising, O'Neill
May 98, Inside illustrations, Turks & Caicos
July 98, Cover
Jan/Feb 99, Inside illustrations
June 99, Inside illustration
July/Aug 99, Inside illustrations
Jan/Feb 00, Inside illustration
May 03, Inside illustrations, WWII Wrecks NC
Aug 03, Inside illustration, ScubaPro Advetorial
Mar 04, Inside illustration, Getaway, Tahiti
Sport FishingJul/Aug 1994, Inside illustrations, Key West, FL
4/95 Inside illustrations, Turks & Cacios
Sun-Sentinel Newspaper2003, Inside illustrations, Andros
Sunny DaySpring 1993, Cover, Branson, Missouri
The Caribbean Made Easy1995, Inside illustrations, All About All-Inclusives
Top PaddlerSpring 1995, Cover
Unterwasser (German Dive Magazine)6/99, Inside illustration
USAir Inflight Magazine7/94, Inside illustrations, Catalina Island, CA
1/96, Cover, inside feature, Grand Cayman
Virginia Living MagazineApr 04, Inside illustrations
Waterski MagazineApr 98, Inside illustration


21 Degrees Latitude Swimwear2004 Swimwear Catalog and Web
Albemarle Boats1996, Boat Brochure Aerials
Allegro Resorts1999, Turks & Caicos Resort Ad
American Airlines1997, Fly Away Vacation Brochure
Amphibico1998, DEMA Show Catalog
Atkinson Realty1995, Rental Brochure
2000, Rental Brochure
Bauer Compressors1995, Catalog
1996, Product Sheets/Poster
1997, Trade Show/Product Sheets/Poster
2003, Trade Show Poster
2004, Trade Show Poster
Blue I Swimwear2004 Swimwear Catalog and Web
Caradonna Caribbean Tours1993-97, Bonaire campaign
Carrier1995, Direct Mail Piece
Cell Phone1997, Corporate advertising
Champion Paper1995, Brochure, inside illustration
Citizen Watch1995-99, Men's Underwater Watch campaign
Cunard Cruise Line1996, Corporate Brochure
Dacor Corporation1996, Products Catalog, inside illustrations
Decker Advertising1997, Corporate brochure, trade show mat'l, POS
Discovery Channel1996, Week Up Front
1996-97, Affiliate Marketing
1997, Shark Week Advertising
Dive Provo1998-99, Advertising Brochure, PR and Website
Dive South Ocean/Nassau1995, Property Brochure Cover
Divers Alert Network1994, Membership Brochure, Trade Show displays
1995, Long Distance Calling Card
Dr. Michael P. Folck, DDS1998-99, Corporate advertising
Ecolab1995, Corporate in-house Poster
Exceptional Dentistry1996, Corporate Advertising
Franklin Mint1996, Mailer
G.A. Braun Products1994, Image campaign
Kodak Picture Exchange1995, Trade Show Display
Hayes & Jarvis Travel - London2004 Travel Catalog Cover
Inverlux Paint2002 Print advertising
Johnson Outdoor - ScubaPro2002 Product Catalog; Location UW/Lifestyle
2003 Product Catalog; Location Underwater
2004 Product Catalog; Location Underwater
Lynnhaven Marine1994, 1995 Corporate Brochures
1999, Property Aerials for PR, Advertising and Trade Shows
2004, Newspaper Advertising, Trade Show Display
McAfee Network Security1998, Advertising Brochure
New England Biolabs1999, Product Catalog
NorthWest Airlines1995, Mailer
Nauticus Museum2003, Wall Display Panels
O'Neill Wetsuits1997, Print ad campaign
1998, Print ad campaign
1998, Advertising Brochure
Ocean Kayak1995, Ad campaign
Outback Sheepskin2002 Catalog
2003 Catalog and Web
2004 Catalog and Web
Overnight Mountings1998, Advertising Brochure
Pacific Life1999, Y2K Ad Brochure
Panasonic Home Theater1994, Home theater campaign
Patricia Timm Fashion Designs1999-2000, Fashion catalogs, Print advertising, POS materials
Renaissance Cruises, Inc.1993, Dive Melanesia campaign
Reservations Plus1998, Advertising Rack Cards
Rubatex, Inc.1996, Trade Show Displays; Print campaign
1996, Corporate Brochures
1998, Corporate Brochures
Schweitzer Dental Art1998 Advertising Brochure
Sea Fever Cruises, Inc2002 Print advertising
2003 Trade Show Illustrations, Web
2004 Trade Show Illustrations, Web
Seapack Frozen Food1996, Corporate Advertising
Sherwood Scuba Products1995, Catalog (location photography)
Siebert Realty1998, Advertising Brochure
1998, Cookbook
1999, Advertising Brochure
Siemens Rolm Comm1996, Internal Office Internet
Sky Computers1997, Corporate Advertising
Smith Barney1998, 2nd Qtr. Performance Review
St. Tropez Fashion Designs1999 Bridal Catalog, Print Advertising
2000-2001 Print Advertising
2002-2004 Print Advertising, Store Display, TV
Sta-rite Professional1995, Aquality Product Packaging
Swimways Corp.1995, Catalog, Product Boxes, POS (location & studio)
1996, Catalogs; general line and Hydroslide, Product Boxes and POS materials
1998 Trade Show Display Panel
1999 Catalog, Inside illustration
1999-2000, Product Packaging, Toypedo Shark
2000, Catalog, inside illustration
Swiss Army Watches1998 Brochure
TechStyles2004 Medical Supplies Catalog
The Travel Channel1993, Campaign (2nd half)
Three M Company1998, Trade Show Display
Tiger Shark Golf Clubs1995, Brochure
Todd Marine Enterprises1994, Wild Thing campaign (BVI/USVI operation)
Universal Pictures1995-6, Waterworld Film Newspaper ad campaign
US Airways Brochure1997-8, Islands Vacation Brochure
Va Marine Science Museum4/96, Expansion Program Display Prints
VISA1996-1998, Advertising, Direct Mail
Wicor Corporation1995, Annual Report
Yamaha Electronics Ltd1994, Home theater campaign in U.S.
1995, Home theater campaign in U.S., Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia


A B SeaChildren's Book by Bobbie Kalman
Asia's Top Dive SitesBack cover
Bite BackShark Education Web Site
ChompChildren's Book, Scholastic Publishing
Cities Under the SeaInteractive CD-Rom
Greek Island Travel GuideMykonos illustration
Scuba TalkU/W Sign Language by Keith Ellenbogen
SharksShark illustration
World Guide to Beaches Illustrated Guide by Ian Baxandall
Audubon Guide to Tropical Marine FishesInside illustration
Math Grade 3 1998Inside illustrations, Harcourt Brace Publishers
Math Grade 7 1998Inside illustrations, Harcourt Brace Publishers
Egypt Travel GuideBack Cover, Open Road Publishing
America's Cheap SleepsBack Cover, Open Road Publishing
Audubon Guide to FloridaInside illustrations
The MoonChildren's Book, Crabtree Publishing
CnidariansEducational CD-Rom, CyberEd, Inc.
US CaribbeanOpen Road Publishing
What Is A Fish?Children's Book, Crabtree Publishing
Science 2000Textbook, Scott Foresman Addison Wesley Pub
Photo Truth and Photo Fiction Textbook, Chapter opener


Chrysler MuseumMember, Photography Alliance
Divers Alert NetworkFriend of DAN - Platinum
Nikon, Japan1993, Calendar
Sport Diver1995, Calendar
Va Marine Science MuseumVolunteer Diver
City of Virginia BeachDept. Of Tourism, Public Relations Editorial Usage
United Kingdom P.R. Brochure
Tour Planner Booklet
Canadian Travel Brochure
Visitor's Center Banners (Dolphin "Rascal")
Diver's Alert Network1999, Slide presentation by Dr. Bennett
to the Priestley Society, Hershey, PA
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