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Chris Crumley Underwater Chris Crumley works on land and boats, underwater in pools and oceans, in the air and in the studio.

He's easy-going and confident with a minimal ego. He works well with people; subjects, clients, art directors, designers and assistants… adults, children, men and women. He's comfortable in team situations producing work and allows others to excel at what they do.

He has developed an efficient and effective digital workflow using high-end (16.7, 21 and 39 megapixel Canon and Hasselblad) digital capture tools.

APA (Advertising Photographers of America - www.apanational.com)
ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers - www.asmp.org)
ASMPCV (ASMP Central Virginia - www.asmpcv.com)

Certain images are available 24/7 from Alamy - a leading portal for both general and specialist images.
Stock photography by Chris Crumley at Alamy

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